John- FMW owner
Firefighter, Farrier & Wax Maker
Flora, Mississippi
Madison, Mississippi
Madison, Mississippi
Jackson, Mississippi
Vancouver, Washington
Portland, OR
John at Mardi Gras in Spain
Boston, MA
Indianapolis, IN
Boulder, CO
Check out the pictures from the Royal Marines serving in Afghanistan. The 40 Commando unit had a moustache competition over the Christmas holidays and were kind enough to share their photos with us.
Miami, FL
Retired Univeristy of Denver Professor
Bemus Point, NY
Mark (aka "Sleeper")
Member of the Brooklyn Atlantic Vintage Base Ball Club
Smithtown, NY
Leitchfield, KY
Longview, WA
Beau with his newest additions to the family! Congratulations!
Montezuma, GA
Update of Shine growing his stache out
Ridgeville, SC
Pat L.
Winner of Carolina Mudcat Moustache Competition
Wilson/Raleigh, North Carolina
Wacky Tacky holding up for a triathlon competitor
Los Angeles, CA
Blackpool, United Kingdom
Christchurch, New Zealand
Bruce on his Harley
Brookhaven, MS
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Rick as Buffalo Bill Cody in "Annie Get Your Gun"
Troutville, VA
Melbourne, Australia
Update on Ron's new and improved stache!
(aka "Howdy Dave")
Rochester, NY
North Santee, SC
The guys at Elysian Cafe in Hoboken, New Jersey.
We helped sponser a moustache competition and fundraiser to refinish the commemorative baseball plaque in Hoboken as well as raising money for Major League Baseball's R.B.I. program in Jersey City and donating money to the Hoboken High School Baseball team.
Pictured from left to right: John H., Ames C., Steve S., Tommy L., Vito L.
Triathlon competitor Nick D. of Los Angeles, CA

We were proud to sponser Nick in four of his triathlons this past year and look forward to sponsoring his future competitions.  Here are some of his comments concering how our wax held up...

"I am happy to say that the wax held up through the swim, bike and run.  You have one hell of a product.  And I proudly wore my jersey with your logos on the front and back. ...Your wax can hold up to a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run, and the world should know that.  It's truly the best wax!  I will be getting a couple more triathlon uniforms for this new season and proudly have your logo on those as well. Thanks for making a stellar product for a guy who likes his handlebar moustache and running triathlons.  I was thrilled when it held up through the whole triathlon.  I get comments about it at every race and I always give credit to Firehouse Moustache Wax.  Thanks again, John."

Bill H. after getting off duty from the Sheriff's Department after Hurricane Ike. The Wacky Tacky held his 'stache through the wind and rain and was not fixed or retouched before taking the pictures. 
Boling, Texas
Paul H. preparing for a cowboy action shooting event.
Paul and his lovely wife.

Paul on the far left of the three.

Powell, Wyoming
Justin R.
Redlands, CA
Virginia Beach, VA
Tom G.
Holland, Michigan
Wolfgang B.
Lancaster, OH
Chesterfield, Missouri
Dear John,

It has been a few years now that I’ve enjoyed the fine mustache product that you produce.  Here are two updated photos which show the great results that can be obtained using your Firehouse Mustache Wax merchandise.  The curled look is the presentation which I normally sport; however on occasion it is fun to flash the stash and not hide its length.  The mustache presened  on the photo to the right spans 13.5” from side to side. 
I’m kind of in hopes that you can replace the other two photos you have of me on your web site with the two here.  These two photos make a nice contrast and show off my ugly mugg better than the older photos.  Over the past year and a half I’ve migrated the curl out  further from the corners of my mouth and this seems to have helped the presentation a good deal.

I hope you continue to produce your fine line of wax, because it is the best product of its kind in my experience.

Sincerely, Mark R.
Pensacola, FL
Paul S.
Arlington, WA
James H.
Tucson, AZ
James K.
Before Wax & After Wax Pictures
Kansas City, Kansas
Shane M.
Boulder, CO
Noah D. K
Man About Town
Brooklyn, NY
Todd M.
CW4 (Ret.), Army Helicopter pilot
Woodlawn, TN
Dan. F.
British Columbia, Canada
Matt T.
Linthicum Heights, MD
Roger N.
Kark King Band member of Fort Dodge Iowa 
Truck Driver from Manson Iowa

Now that I've figured out my best way to use it, I love the dark wax I bought. The dark wax is perfect for my red beard. I'm a camera assistant and I often have to care for cameras in all kinds of weather and today was one of those days. Here's a photo of me at the end of the day. Pretty good for a whole day of cold rain and wind.


Chris K.
Los Angeles, CA
Updated photos of our Triathlete Nick in Los Angeles that we help sponser. He's still proudly wearing our logo and had this to say about his latest triathlon in 2009:

I only did one triathlon this year, but it was a big one and I wore the logo proudly.  Even had a guy comment at about mile 10 of the run how amazed he was that the stache held up.  I proudly pointed to my jersey and said "Firehouse Moustache Wax made in Mississippi.  The best there is."  I have attached some photos from the event for you.  I also got a modeling gig from the stach and wanted to show you the website...  I think you will get a kick out of it.    
Thanks a mil, John.  Hope all is well. 

Brian M.
Columbus, MS
Parker P.
Crystal Springs, MS
Tom K. 
Gorham, ME
Michael G.
North Pole, AK
Kaitlyn - having fun with her 'stache!
Los Angeles, CA
Nathan F.
Flagstaff, AZ
Nathan's grandfather and inspiration for growing a handlebar. He's had a handlebar since 1973!!
Bruce W.
Randolph, MA
Joe C.
Provo, UT
Gilbert T.
Retired Lieutenant Firefighter 
El Paso, TX
Emille G.
Star, MS
Steve W.
Pennsauken, NJ
Hi John,

I thought you might enjoy the attached photo from a wedding we played last October. 

Philip (cornet) and I (bandoneon) both use Firehouse Wax (Tacky and Dark).  Tony (tuba) is still wax-free(!)

A couple groomsmen also waxed up before the ceremony - good times!  "Wacky Tacky" was also a hit at the reception where a new dance move "Waxin' the 'Stache" was unveiled.

Best regards,
Chad G.
St. Paul, MN

"If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."  --  Charlie Parker
Hello, just wanted to send some photo's of my moustache with the best (dark) wax ever! Unfortunately after only 4 short months I was given a direct order to trim my moustache by an off shift B.C. I bought 2 cans of wax(one for work and one for home) and can't wait to start using them again! I have a strong feeling that the moustache will rise from the ashes and make an even stronger re-appearance. Thanks for making such a GREAT product! My Dad,a retired LA County FF, and forever moustache wearer, started using my can and became a huge fan also!

Thanks again! 
Matt T.
(Lake Forest, CA
Los Angeles Fire Dept.)
Ed E.
Professional Dog Hunting Trainer
Isle, MN
Anthony D.
Westminster, CA
Civil war navy 
U.S.S. Tyler 
Boatswain's Mate 
Justin C. K. 
 Symsonia, KY
Joshua S.
Milwaukee, WI
Scott S.
San Francisco, CA
Tim C.
Redding, CA
Doug C.
Broken Arrow Fire Dept.
Broken Arrow, OK
Thom H.
Jenkintown, PA
FMW owner John's newly decorated fire helmet!
Madison, MS Fire Dept.
David S.
Camden County GA Fire/Rescue
(notice he's wearing the FMW t-shirt too!) 
John F.
New York, NY
Tim B.
Cowboy Action Shooter "Stray Dog Lamont"
Moorestown, NJ
Bobby N.
Corrales, NM

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When first started using our wax
Updated photo with nice handlebars!
Updated Photo of Justin with girlfriend taken with a camera made in 1858 using the same processes. Cool!
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