Tips for Applying Wax

PUSH (not scrape) wax up on the fingernail of your index finger, and then wipe it onto your thumb of the same hand. (Push like a bulldozer pushes up dirt.) Some customers prefer using different objects to push up the wax before putting on fingers. Find what works best for you. Rub the wax back and forth 2-3 times between your index finger and thumb. Then apply using your index finger. Or you can use both index finger and thumb if you’re trying to handlebar or want more control of where the wax is applied.

Make sure wax is at room temperature before applying. You may want to put it in your pocket, over a warm vent, on top of the coffee pot etc. to make the wax even easier to apply. Running the (closed) tin under hot water has also been found to work well. If water gets in the tin just shake it out and blot with a towel if needed. It's wax...water's not going to hurt it!
However, the wax needs to be dry for application or it will ball up on you instead of going on smoothly. Your fingers and facial hair also need to be dry for best results in applying. Others have found warming the wax with a hair dryer can be helpful as well as using a toothbrush, boar's hair brush ( I cut the handle off mine and hold at the bristles for better control), plastic bristle brush or moustache comb to work the wax thru the 'stache after applying. Please note: if you warm the wax up in the tin, it is not necessary to rub the wax back and forth between your fingers before applying. The rubbing back and forth is to warm the wax up but is not needed if the wax is already very warmed in the tin and will actually create the opposite effect of cooling off the wax and possibly making it crumble and not go on smoothly.

Make sure there is no conditioner/lanolin/balm/oil in your facial hair before you apply! Conditioning agents will prevent the wax from performing well or doing its job.
You can leave conditioners in overnight, but just make sure they are washed out completely before application.

One of our customers recommends this method for
distributing the wax evenly after warming in a shirt or pants pocket and applying using the finger/fingernail method:

"I use a regular hair comb, to spread the wax evenly through the mustache by the following method:
Hold the comb with the base (solid side) pointed downward, almost parallel to the skin, and the tines facing upward. Many combs have course tines and finer tines, each on one side of the comb. The finer tines work best for me.
Repeatedly draw the comb downward through the mustache, moving the comb along the mustache with each new stroke from one end of the mustache to the other.

After one full pass (left to right or right to left), flip the comb left to right, placing the face of the comb that was toward the skin, so that it is now away from the skin, and continue stroking downward across the mustache.
Flipping the comb back and forth in this manner will gradually distribute the wax evenly through the mustache and prevent most of the wax from accumulating between the tines."

Wax Removal

Our wax can be washed out with warm water and soap/shampoo. Most don't completely wash it out every day as it can be drying to the hair. Apply conditioner if needed. I usually completely wash mine out once a week and just reapply the wax as needed each morning. More will be needed after completely scrubbing the wax out. Again, find what works best for you. A customer in Belgium found that when you rub a good quality plant oil with your forefinger and thumb into the waxed moustache and let it sit for a couple of minutes, you can easily wash the oil and wax out. He recommends using the pomegranate body oil from the Weleda brand, but says any good quality sesame or almond oil should do. In addition to cleaning it well, it also provides a healthy treatment for the 'stache.

More Helpful Tips from Customers

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